Almost sprayed by a skunk, Mahsa getting married, talking to Danny Green

Date: 7/10/2019

By levinelover

I was walking on the sidewalk and a skunk ran out of a tree and was trying to run somewhere else to hide..but there were no other bushes and nowhere to run! The skunk and me were both there trapped together, and I just wanted to drop onto the floor and curl up! Although I knew if I got sprayed by the skunk I wouldn’t have to go to work which is cool, so I wasn’t too scared. Then another skunk came, and not only was it’s tail up, but all its fur was sticking up aggressively like an angry porcupine 😱😩 I knew this one would spray me for sure and I just bolted, I didn’t even look I just ran away as fast as I could. Then I went to a wedding reception, Mahsa was getting married to a very friendly outgoing white guy. It was interesting seeing Mahsa with someone so outgoing cause she was so shy, but I knew he also felt very lucky since she was so beautiful. They seemed to work really well together. Although Mahsa didn’t seem to like the fact that she was so outgoing. I was standing shoulder to should between both of them, and she started saying nasty stuff in my ear about him, she sounded angry and disgusted with how outgoing he was. I grabbed his hair and held onto it as she ranted. He couldn’t hear her, and he seemed very uncomfortable and confused that I was grabbing onto his hair and went to go talk to Mahsa about it, which was the test. He passed. There were so many friends I knew at the reception including my Antibes friends. Gabriela came to the party and everyone lined up to hug her including me. Lara, Shakiba, and a couple guys hugged her and after the second guy she said “now I wanna hug a girl”. I was right there. She didn’t look happy or exited to see me. We hugged and I said I missed her and if she had wifi or a phone plan it and she said no. She just seemed like she really didn’t care to have me there. Then I made plans to walk with Sandy and Steph to work. I was gonna meet them at duffrin and steeles which was in this dream at the corner of my street so very close to me and not so close to them, but we’d all have a long walk anyways to my work. I was on the phone with Steph and then I saw Danny Green from the raptors was on younow, and put my phone down and muted her so I could talk to him instead. I put my notifications on so I could see everytime he broadcasts. He was talking specifically to me and I was telling him how I was tired but I had to get out of the house and meet my friends. He told me “so even though you’re tired you’re gonna our other people first instead of doing what it is you want”. I mentioned something about ssf Justin and Steph to him, but then said I had to go. I called Steph back and she seemed really annoyed. I ignored it at first thinking it was nothing but then she mentioned something about Justin and I realized she had heard me talking about her! “So you heard eh? Well it’s not a chore for me, maybe he thought so cause of the way I said it but I’m doing this for me too, I enjoy meeting up with you guys. I would much rather walk too work with my friends than on my own, he just doesn’t get it.”