Date: 7/18/2019

By tayezy

Serving dream. At first it was really dead. Carrabba’s didn’t even LOOK like Carrabba’s but I knew it was in my mind. It was storming really bad and Alicia and Kristen were talking about closing the restaurant. I ordered two desserts and forgot them both at work so I let Allie eat them. The next day I go to work but it looks different again. The restaurant is half outside, there were tables sitting in the grass in a field. I got sat with a five top that was outside in the grass. They were in a big booth. I got them drinks and took their orders, and then I left work for my break and forgot about them, never put their orders in. An hour or so later I come back, and I had remembered vaguely that I had that table. I thought maybe they would have left, or another server would have taken care of them. I walk towards the restaurant and I have to walk past the booth. From far away it looked like there was nobody there anymore. When I walked by I tried to cover my face, and the dad and two kids didn’t notice me. I thought I was free, but then I see the mom walking out of the doors and she stops me. I tried to cry, and make up a story, and I apologized deeply. She said it was ok but they were pretty salty