The Young Visitor

Date: 2/12/2017

By vintage_dreams

I woke up sleeping on my left to my dog licking my feet. Half asleep I told him to stop but he wouldn't so I went to get up and move my legs but realized I was paralyzed and could not move. My dog has a chain collar and I heard the chains rattling as he moved from the foot of my bed to the right side coming up behind me. I then realized I only heard two footsteps and not four like a dog should have. I felt something crawl into my bed behind me slowly moving towards me as I was laying motionless on the left side of the bed. I tried desperately to move and even roll out of bed when I felt something get really close to my right ear and whisper in the most unforgettable demonic childlike voice I have ever heard, "Now I'm dead daddy." Suddenly I was able to move and when I got up I walked to my living room to find my dog asleep in his little corner.