Grey’s Anatomy Murder at the YMCA

Date: 3/5/2019

By tobeyarchibald

So the setting for this dream was a hospital but it was attached to a ymca. There was this girl and she was with like a social worker who was really mean to her and rude and stuff so this doctor who was a tall man with a beard kind of took the girl in as his own. But something came over him and he was like “girl, go get changed” so she would leave and then he went into a teaching room with Meredith, Amelia, and some other people as interns who were observing how to do a surgery and the teacher was the mean man. So the crazed man burst into that room and was asked a question by the teacher and he took a surgical device and cut the guys throat with it and killed him. Meredith was like “Why’d you so that??? That wasn’t the right tool for the surgery??” And he was like “I know. I wanted him dead.” And then people were really scared and going to tell on him. All throughout this dream, I was walking around observing this and people kept telling me “boys are right in the locker room, if you see it stop them” so every time I walked by the boys locker room I had to break up a fight.