Cafeteria Drama

Date: 4/30/2017

By drunchee

The whole 8th grade was eating in the cafeteria. The lunch was steak, mashed potato and pies and stuff. All really fancy and good. It was the feast before or after the class trip. I didn't get steak however, for some reason I had to get chicken. Brody was talking loudly about hating Ayden at a table of popular girls all throughout lunch, and Allison came over to my table, from her table with a ton of her less popular friends, to tell me he was being annoying. Later on at lunch, I ate a cheesecake that was left on my chair by Isaac and had it all over my mouth. I was aware people were looking and laughing so I was happy. Then, me and Marcos were doodling on a paper. Mr Cullen came over and looked at both sides and saw that I had drawn two characters, one a fox, with penises. So he was mad. That's the end of the dream.