"High"-School Testing

Date: 5/16/2017

By Rest-in-Peace

I was living back in Stanley and I needed to take a test for school. I had the option of taking it outside of school, so I went and got high before the test; and had to call McDonalds to reschedule my interview for today. (Ironically the interview is at 2:30 here in my new town today, so I should have realized I was dreaming.) I walked around Stanley high for a while with two friends, one of them was the person I was supposed to take the test with. I ended up getting picked up by the police, and the officer on duty was the "nice cop", officer Matt. The conversation is foggy and I don't remember it, but we drove around on some back roads and the two officers pulled off into a field to talk to me about whatever the reason was that I got arrested. We went back to the school and on the way back I told Matt that I needed to call McDonalds to let them know I couldn't make it to my interview, and he got pissed because I was getting high instead of going to my interview. (Even though I had already called earlier in the dream.) I explained the reasoning for me having to reschedule was because I needed to take a test for school. I also explained to him that I think the reasoning for being allowed to take the test out of school is so students could get high before the test to do better. I don't remember his reaction. Somehow I got picked up twice, but do not remember the events between riding around in the cop car both times. The first time as we were pulling up into the woods so I could go back to school there was a wasp in the car and as I got out I had to shut the door quickly so it couldn't follow me out. The second time I noticed a wasp and said "there's another wasp in the car" and I noticed there was two more and pointed out that there was three wasps, and the officer in the drivers seat said "there's four" I told them to hurry up and open the door and for some reason I was getting out of the front seat when I was sitting in the back, and I left the door open and sprinted away from the wasps that were buzzing really loudly. This is when I woke up. --------------------------------------------- •When I called McDonald's I left a message because they didn't answer for some reason. •Weirdly enough, the officer in the passenger seat was the school councilor. •I do not know why they parked in the woods instead of the parking lot. •I don't remember why I got arrested, honestly I feel like I somehow just warped from Main Street to the cop car. •Plenty of reasons I should have realized it was a dream and did not.