Why even?

Date: 3/28/2017

By XxTheCalmxX

I had a dream that I was in highschool again, I had ran into a guy that I personally don't recognize but he was handsome and charming and I had formed a crush. Later in the dream I was going to class and I ran into him in the hallway and gave him a hug before entering class. Class ended and I was exiting the room only to find myself in a dorm, in the dorm was a giant tv that I had mirrored my phones screen onto, upon the screen was Facebook. There was an update on Facebook about my ex best friend Hunter getting into a relationship with my old friend Ashlynne and my new friend Isabella. I guess my dream self wasn't happy because I had always had a crush on Isabella, so I felt a tweak of jealousy through the dream about it. Hunter came into the dorm as if he hadn't seen me and began to talk on the phone to I don't know who, and in the words he spoke he said "and some people only wanted to 'play' meaning just have sex or be a friend with benefits, I felt he was referring to me because a while back we had attempted a relationship that didn't work out and he has been bitter about it ever since. Later on hunter left the room and I look to the table besides me, only to find isabellas phone with a few other, I pick it up and go through the photos where she has an album labeled "my woman" and within it were pictures of us. It boosted my self esteem and made me smile so I began to leave the dorm with the phone to track her down and give it back to her. Before I go out the door my friend Charles comes in and I ask him if he had seen hunter leave, he says no and that he needed to speak to me. So we go back to my dorm where I sit on the edge of my bed facing him where he sits on my desk chair facing me. Hours go by of us venting about our feelings now ending in us laughing and cheering one another up like usual. Until Charles says "hey, I've actually always wanted to try something." Where I reply with "what is it?" Charles says "ok but you have to promise not to be mad.." I nod, and as soon as I do Charles comes in close and kisses me deeply, I felt fire burning in my chest and body and I lay back, him now on me holding my face with both hands making out with me passionately, his hands travel down my neck and to my hips, his finger tips creep up my shirt sending me chills to my lucid self, I wrap my arms around his neck and the rest can be assumed... (I felt the sex and it was amazing, but left me feeling confused because in reality Charles is a close friend of mine that I have never had any sexual thoughts about until recently, maybe it's because he and I have began to hang out more.) Finally sex is over, and I am dressed holding isabellas phone again and leaving the room, I tell Charles in going to find her and he is now playing my PS4 and half naked on my bed. He says "ok babygirl, be safe there was a party in a few dorms down..." and I head out the door. When I left the dorm I ran into my friend Danielle who happened to be drunk and dragging our shared ex Cain behind her, I had stopped them in the hall way and told Cain he isn't going to touch her that she was drunk and it would be taking advantage of her, he grinned and shrugged and just turned and left, I took Danielle back to what was now Our dorm and Charles is gone. I laid her in bed and laid next to her to soothe her and calm her down, next thing I know Danielle and I are making out and she is trying to turn it into sex, I stop her before hand and try to talk to her to distract her from her drunken sex drive. She hops off of the bed and grabs a charcoal exfoliate scrub and rolls my pant legs up and begins painting my legs with it, all while saying "I want to make you feel good some way, so I guess a pedicure works!" She was now eating a lollipop half drunk attempting to massage my legs. -I woke up-