VR Forest Quest

Date: 5/22/2017

By jevan

So I'm playing a VR game and i notice i have a new quest available and its to "overkill 3 wooden things" it starts off as a racing game so i just have to run them over. But then it turned into an RPG game and I go off the road to the left and was walking through a misty forest, sneaking up on these people made of sticks. I killed 3 and put the evidence in this sack i was carrying. Then I stay hidden because I can see in the game that I'm about to be noticed and I look and see that there is someone on watch for the stick-people with the face of an elephant. I make a run for the road and go across to the other side which is my peoples territory. I have to quickly crawl through a hole in this big, thick hedge and i hear screams from my village, thinking we're being attacked by the stickpeople, so I accidentally drop my sack at the opening. I go back for it but the elephant-person is waiting and grabs my feet and drags me back through the hedge all the way back to his village on the other side of the road. We get to his house and he locks the door and I'm in there with his family. This is when it clicks for me that each side of the warring villages are just misunderstood and we're more similar than we think. We talk and explain ourselves, and both feel bad for eachother and hug it out lol. We've started the beginning of a peaceful friendship between the villages.