swimming with whales

Date: 8/12/2017

By spookie

i had a dream i had to swim with whales and i touched a turtle? and then it cut to these people i knew from high school making a sex tape in their car on my lawn and i had to get my dad to make them go away but he was like wow u guys work at olive garden? :/ have a nice day ur good people. and then i go back inside and it's a birthday party for my brother and there's candy EVERYWHERE and then cut to a giant closet filled with beautiful clothes and i had to scan these things to make them into a magazine and my ex and his friend were in my group and then something abt 30 year old guy who hit on me and he tried to kiss me and then drag queens were cheerleaders at my school and then i messed up the sign at the football stadium and it was backwards and wrong and i think that's it?