Date: 3/18/2017

By edjwardo

I raced against Steven through water slides that I had to sprint to Steven was in the lead then the exit was a vertical drop during which I quickly made the decision between sleeping or sprinting the last 100m. I chose to sprint then suddenly Steven comes out of no where and sprints beside me I eventually get the better of him and win. I say gg unlucky, he says well done as I walk back I see me and Steven racing again, the same race but I was a spectator. I walk to the elevator I'm choose the disabled one so I don't use a lift with Steven. I was on the 11th floor I then choose the 10th floor where my dad was I was called names for not going straight to ground floor which was a big green button. I then press it and the lift starts swaying side to side. I then hear the voice on the lift say some stuff and then said go turtle and I do then we play rocket league in a room and my dad gets me to div 5 champ I thank him.