Drake and josh/transformers

Date: 8/12/2019

By stev54356

I first started off it was on the set of drake and josh but the set wasn’t familiar it looked like a blue clues background and after they did there thing we all went to a house which was my house and 2 dogs that I know Max and duke are labs but they were alligators but still acted the same I remember and some of my friends were in the room but I couldn’t remember who at that time then we were all on the bed and it started shaking and duke was moving the bed so we’d fall forward and Max was at the edge with his mouth open ready to eat us and I think me and kiara were side by side and I grab her hand and we darted downstairs all the way outside and when we were at the door I let her go through and I was waiting for the rest to come I remember seeing josh but he said hold on and duke ran down the steps and started creeping by in the house which was dark cause it was night time nothing really happened so we all came outside and there were little shacks in my yard ready to sleep on and I remember tons of animals bursted out my house a coyote came for me and duke came out and a couple others I can’t remember but the coyote started to attack me and I tried to smack it with my fist(punch😂) and that didn’t work so I grabbed it by the neck and tried to snap it but the first time didn’t work so I felt around and found a harder bone and then snapped it and threw it over the fence. I don’t know what happen to all the other animals but duke was terrorizing someone I think but I never saw him after. When I threw the coyote there was a huge inflatable play house that landed on me and was super hard to get out of and I saw duke running at me but he pasted me and didn’t care. Once I got out we all chilled out and I realized whenever I would throw something it would go near out of sight from how far I would throw it which was crazy. Here’s where the transition comes I don’t know how but in the same area I sorta choose a class and I choose Optimus prime and that shack area turned into a little city on one side of a island and they other side had been invaded by the decepticons with a mountain bridging between us and in the mountains it was set up like the mines of Moria without the really deep parts going down and I remember I could fly and shoot and do everything which was awesome I had places I needed to go to cause it was over run and after kicking lots of ass I flew about the mountain to see how many were left and I saw a huge robot about a quarter size of the mountain walking like a gorilla with something like a big ass mortar system on his back going to town on us. But I had a to kill the head of the beast first megaton and a lady decepticon with me. The sad part is I couldn’t really fight well around then and the fight ended halfway through cause I woke up