Thwarted Again and Again

Date: 8/18/2017

By Fitful

I was trying to set up weapons for people to grab when the lights went out. It turned out to be a more difficult (and elaborate) project than I planned. I kept lining up all the rocks and sticks at the beginning of the line, then the rest all the way up to a superhero. It was all the weapons of one could use to protect themselves, from the most common and mundane, a rock, to the most fantastical a superhero. I might have been standing them up because I kept having problems with the superhero. He kept attacking the dinosaur/monster creature next to him, falling over like pins or dominos, and disrupting the whole lot. It was very irritating. I stood them up again and again but they kept falling over. (I swear standing them up was the same as lying them down side by side in a box. The imagery was the same.) ~ I was visiting family in this really tiny house. I swear the house was under construction and was so small it was barely a few rooms fully finished. I think it was my Aunt Steva and I think she was with Francis. I don't know why, but I've always thought she belonged with Francis, even tho they broke up when I was 12. It didn't really have to do with look, but feeling. It felt like Francis, and it felt like Steva. Only, a bit off. As if it were a different reality I was viewing. A parallel reality where they were together as a new couple, a few years old maybe. They'd reached that tired stage where the hardship of living in a house under construction was wearing on their relationship. They weren't as happy as they pretended to be. They loved each other, but they weren't communicating for fear of creating a rift, and that actually did create one. ~ I was visiting a sister, or Miranda, and she as youngish. Maybe. Living in a room with a cat box under the bed. I visited her just as she was falling asleep and she complained about the smell, very unhappy she had this particular room. I told her I didn't smell the cat box at all, in fact what I smelt was mold. The bed had gotten wet clear through and now it had grown mold inside it. I smelt it very strongly. As she felll asleep I touched her face comfortingly. ~ I was racing with family to find an elephant. The elephant was about to be sold, for a lot of money because it was possessed, and we had just figured out what they had done. We raced to my doctor's office (he might also have been my lawyer) and we burst in demanding answers. My irate family, especially grandmother, was ready to throttle him. I pulled out a few contracts, the most recent one was folded in half on the second page to distinguish it, apparently he had done it twice. He had grown a demon, or dark, spirit inside me, then sucked it out and sold it. It would be used to corrupt someone else, or add to someone already dark and make them stronger. I was so mad. I was willing to take it back, just so it would be safe with me. After all it was mine, and me left all lily white wasnt ideal either. I wasn't in balance. But the contract was impenetrable. There were no loopholes. And it was sly enough I hadn't realized it the first time, nor the second right away. He was very good at his job.