Trip to Orlando

Date: 5/26/2019

By Dymphna

For some reason I was a teenager again, living at my mums house (my mum and my dad were still together. My sister was also a teenager again living there with no kids) I was dating the guy I used to be with back when I was a teenager as well only for some reason we had an argument and was on a break, he phoned the house so we could talk things over but my sister answered instead of me and she ended up taking a trip to Orlando for two weeks with him which pissed me off. My parents kept telling me that I was overreacting and it wasn't a big deal, when she got back from their trip she was really smug about something that had happened but I can't remember what she said, we had a huge fight in the kitchen and then I had to deal with my ex texting me about how heartbroken he was over my sister.