McDonald's is for the The Wealthy. Crazy Rejection. Those Bugs Aren't Hallucinations.

Date: 3/13/2017

By Fitful

I was working at McDonald's for the first time, I was already hired and it was my first day. I had got there early and my backpack was left on the booth where I waited. My boss called me back and I began working, I remembered to take my phone with me, but forgot my wallet and my backpack. But McDonald's was huge, and I couldn't find my way back to that booth. I answered to a woman in the kitchen I had no idea what I was doing. She basically sent me to walk around the restaurant and get a feel for it. It was huge. It was really nice too. Like a McDonald's from the future if it were a 5 star restaurant. It was all black walls and maroon deep wine carpets and curtains hanging for no reason then to look glamorous. It had a casino/theatre vibe, and served food on black tables. It was also huge and had an enormous staff. It was easy to see how I got hired. They hired people everyday. In fact we even dormed there, I got a dorm and collected a bunch of girls as roommates and friends. It was a good group. I even dating a girl I liked once. We went out and it was my first date. She was really sweet. But her father wanted her to go to magic school. She went for a month to see if she liked it, then came back. I privately thought she arranged it like that so she could come back and see me. Anyway her father taught math at the school and I saw some of the videos she posted of his work and I agreed with her he was good teacher. He was the one who told me geniuses were everywhere. So I decided to find the genius in myself. I got a little misguided because I thought all geniuses had to be good at math and science. I got really caught up using a bench and exercise machine so I had put away my bed and forgot about it for the month she was away. Then I realized it was just gone from the room and I thought the staff had taken it because I wasn't using it. It turned out a friend took it, in order to exchange it outside the restaurant for a really nice Gothic bed. I was so excited. The girl I liked came home, her father decided to host a welcome back party for her and us, her friends. I was so excited, I was awkward excusing myself from greeting them. I hadn't been able to decide what to wear. I was planning on wearing this maroon dress but then thought that would be sucking up to the boss, and I was torn between two lovely linen blouses, like would go under a man's tux, but for women. One was white. One was pink. I had put on a black lace shirt to match my black skirt but decided to wear all three shirts. I forgot to put the white and pink on however. I put my hair up in a slick high ponytail. After it was up I realized I wanted two braids in the back, like twin train tracks. I didn't know how to braid those, so I just warped the dream to make my hair that way. At dinner the girl I liked kissed me. I had been nervous about seeing her again, I didn't know if I should kiss her as greeting or what, and well it happened privately and it was sweet. It was my first kiss. Later I had got up from group and a coworker friend of mine, this crazy girl, pulled me aside down the hall from the party. We weren't supposed to be in this part of the restaurant, it was private apartments for the rich owners. She had been acting like she liked me for a while now, and I had been ignoring it. She took me down the hall and I knew she wanted to kiss me. I was hoping I was wrong and I was upset because I had just had such an amazing kiss I didn't want the memory tainted by cheating. So I told her I was with someone else. I asked her if she liked boys which she said yes, I then sorta implied she didn't really like me but just liked kissing. She went crazy at the rejection. Said I could have her, the other girl wasn't even my girlfriend. Then she went and overdosed on pills, then called a robot butler to give her more pills to vomit up the overdose. I called the group for help and we rushed her to the hospital, she vomited in all of our hair. The vomit went everywhere. Finally we were free of the crazy girl and a rich friend of ours treated us to music. She had hired this singer we all adored who had gotten famous singing a certain song. Now he was a bit out of circulation but she hired him and he performed for us in the park. We all were excited. After his song we wanted to perform for him. For some reason our whole town was full of singers, who were now fashion designers. Everyone in the park was fly as fuck and had personally tailored clothes and hats. This park was unusual too, it had a small plot of grass and flower carpeted grass, which was landscaped in a pretty design and maintained like it was a law. It was so perfect, with bright OZ like colors. When you were on this grass you could do tricks. It was easy to moon walk, or just glide while appearing to do nothing, and the illusions got more elaborate too. We all put on this amazing show, singing, dancing, doing odd things which seemed impossible. It was all very impressive. I noticed once when I stopped moving that little green bugs remained visible for a moment, as they swallowed this little blue speck of light which came off my body. They were everywhere. While dancing we assumed these, "little masters" as they got us to call them, were hallucinations but as I noticed them after I had stopped dancing I grew mildly concerned. But the fun and excitement lulled me back into the dance. Then a friend visiting from Ireland popped in on us dancing and immediately figured out the problem. He told us the "little masters" were eating us. We began to try to pull our friends off the grass dance floor but the little buggers caught on to our panicked exodus and took control. The minds of those on the dance floor the longest were almost completely wiped, they made us dig up a cement "cap" on a section of the park and beneath it was a memory bank of all the townspeople they had captured. A friend of mind realized one of the ones who had been almost mind wiped was really good at soothing people, I mean he had an almost magical talent. My friend worked to shield the guy who soothed people, and he in turn soothed everyone off the dance floor and out of the memory bank. We then took everyone to the hospital. I sheepishly apologized to the girl I liked for her welcoming back being crap.