Robot Drivers

Date: 6/29/2017

By TreeTopley

In this dream I felt like I was Arnold Schwarzenegger. You know that gut feeling you get where you just know you are Arnold Schwarzenegger? Anyways, I'm driving when I notice that many other drivers on the road around me are robots. Particularly the T-800 kind from terminator, hence me being Arnold. In my dream I thought, "What has the world come to when robots drivers have taken over the road? I don't trust this technology." So I'm riding my motorcycle at night and I get rear-ended at a stoplight. Sure enough it was a robot driver. I don't know what happened that lead up to what happened after that. All I know is that next thing I know, I'm pouring gasoline all over the inside of this robot's car. I light that gas and the robot and his car go up in flames. Immediately I know that I'm in trouble and other terminators will be after me. More bots start driving toward me, trying to suicide bomb me with their cars. I run to find another motorcycle to steal and get away on, ducking behind things to not be spotted by robots. I get on a motorcycle in a parking lot and drive away. I know I'll have to ditch the bike since most vehicles these days are tracked and it could be used to find me. I find a friend and borrow her bike. Then I go to my girlfriend's futuristic house to tell her what happened but when I come in, their household robot sees me and I know my cover's been blown and terminators will be on me soon. I destroy my girlfriend's robot so it can't see me anymore and tell her what's going on. That's all I remember.