The "Crash"

Date: 8/28/2019

By Why

In this dream, it started off as me with my uncle (John) and a lot of other family. And my uncle says to all of my family except me and my brothers that he will be taking them to this big mansion that was more like a really expensive resort. I've dreamt about this "house" before. But for some reason I've never went to it. This house could represent the luxury my family could never have. My family goes to the house and it doesn't really work out for them. I'm not sure why but it doesn't come as a shock to me because my family has Murphys Law, anything we try to do together will end up going wrong in some way. So they come home disappointed and I try to ask why but they never listened to me and never answered. After that, my uncle's friends and my friends come to this place we're staying at. It was like a huge car shop. It had no walls and only a roof that was being held up by small wooden pillers. My uncle asks me to drive the car up this road leading to a lookout view kind of place. And this road, it was like one of the twisty slides on a playground that always had your body going into 2 ways. I'm 12 so I'll never turn down a chance to drive. So I get in this truck that had rainbows and ice cream on it like an ice cream truck. Which I hate both of those things so I don't know why they were in my dream. But the truck, it was my uncles favorite truck. So here I am driving it, with a bunch of random people in it that were supposed to be my friends I think. This has happened to me before, my friends were strangers to me. And that's kind of accurate because my "best friend" won't tell me a lot of stuff that friends are supposed to tell each other. I don't have any real friends. I started to swerve on the road because I kind of panicked, I started to go faster than I wanted too and I tried to press the break but it was the gas peddle instead (this a real fear of mine by the way). And I'm still on that road that was really twisty, when I pressed the gas peddle more than I was supposed to, I immediately crashed the front of the car. I freak out for a bit but then I start to pretend like it didn't happen because my friend in the passenger seat said that he wouldn't notice. So I drive extra careful and go under the speed limit. I finnaly get to my destination and everyone is already up there. My uncle doesn't notice and all is well. Intel I crash the truck with my uncle in it!