Testing Exoskeleton Arms before Hanging Out at the Pool and Watching not-George-R-R-Martin Speak...

Date: 5/15/2019

By AJacobs

This took place in two main locations I believe. One was my previous year's college suite. I think the room was widened, and I'm not sure if I remember seeing the kitchen counter space. My family was here along with some friend's family(ies?). We were testing out robotic exoskeletons. These consisted of a big boxlike backpack thing with arms that extended out of them. You would put it on as a backpack, hook your hands to the robotic hands like parts, then I think press onto the robot palms to turn it on. There were two of these sets of exoskeletons. I was the second person to try one. I started doing pullups utilizing the strength of the exoskeleton. I wasn't sure how much it was or wasn't helping. I mean, the pullups were super easy with it on, but I haven't been doing pullups recently as a control variable to see how much they were helping. So after at least eight pull ups, I took off the exoskeleton backpack and arms and tried pullups again. I managed about five before my arms started to feel sore, obviously the exoskeleton helped a lot. The second location was the Conservatory of Music. So if you entered Mees lobby, there was a giant pool area to the left instead of the hallway and classrooms there in real life. There was a fake rock miniisland like thing in the middle of the pool, I think it actually connected to the rest of the room on one side so it was more of an outcropping. A guy dove off one side at one point. I recall being with some girls at the edge of the pool halfway submerged. We were doing homework for a long time. This went on a while... Then there was this speaker who was going to present on stage. He looked a bit like George R. R. Martin I think. We went to the lobby and met him I believe. Then as he went backstage we went into Mees Auditorium. I think my friends went upstairs to the balcony while I ended up going straight in. I ended up sitting in like the fourth isle. Quick note: the stairs to the balcony were in Mees Lobby unlike real life. I sat down and watched 'not-George-R-R-Martin' speak. He made the audience laugh. I don't really remember what was talked about. I think I woke up before this went on very long.