The vengeful spider

Date: 8/1/2020

By Purple

In my dream I wore a black T-shirt, and had noticed a spider was crawling on the front of it. The spider was dark brown, nearly black, so it camouflaged well against my T-shirt. I took off the shirt and think I killed the spider. (In real life, I’d never do this. I’d set it free out into the grass.) I thought I had disposed of the spider body in the garbage. But when I put the T-shirt back on, it looked like there were at least four legs from the spider body that remained on my T-shirt. I reached for the legs to take them off with my bare hands. It seemed like they had stingers and had stung me on my hand and fingers. Immediately, the places where I got stung from the dead spider’s legs turned red and swollen. I don’t recall how dream ends.