help with this dream please

Date: 7/14/2017

By Carolina

i was at a party with r. it was crowded and hazy. i saw him with his arm around m and touching her arm and i started to get jealous. i told myself not to be jealous and not to stress about it but i kept looking for them. later he found me and pushed me down on the floor. he stuck a pink spinner toy in my mouth and grabbed me. we realized we were being super loud and he went to find somewhere more private. the spinner started to crumble in my mouth into little shards of plastic and i kept spitting little bits out in the sink but felt more still left. in the bedroom a couple moved out of our way. he pushed me down again and my body went limp and i felt dizzy. i kept spitting and spitting pink crystals but could feel them on my tongue and throat. he lifted up my body and two huge suitcases and said we had to go. he said he overheard people on the phone and didn't like the way it sounded. i assumed the police had been called. we went back to the party and i went to the bathroom and kept spitting and spitting pink crystals into the sink. i woke up with spit all over my pillow case the size of my head, a sore throat a sore spot on my tongue. what was that?!