Space Adventure: Blake Michael Edition

Date: 5/26/2017

By drunchee

In this dream I go through many adventures. Some I don't remember, others I do. At first I'm in some sort of fake space room, zero gravity, all black, just floating. With Brody and Blake. We were having fun but I was also scared. Space was scary. Like, really disorienting and terrifying. I started to drift away and I tried to swim back but I couldn't. Eventually I did I guess, and there were colorful planets. One was huge and destroyed, and pink. Next, Brody was gone, but Blake was back. I was at my Grandmas house, which was being used as a meeting place for a bunch of Ross kids and a few SJCC kids, like they were shadowing. Two hot Rossies, Emma hunt and I think Hailey were there. I found out Blake was coming so I hid. When I revealed myself, he was laughing but was visibly upset. He thought I'd ruin the chances of him and Hunt/Hay just by being there. Or something like that. He and the hotties went to this downstairs part of my grandmas house that isn't actually real in real life. There, in a room, is a TV place, with a flatscreen, and guitar. Blake was playing the guitar on a big bed. The gals watched. I think Garrett was there too. The End.