Sands, chuckie, and nick

Date: 7/19/2019

By kailandrews

I was in the desert I think and the winds between a canyon were getting stronger and stronger that there were dust tornados. Alarms were sounding cause the wind was getting so strong. I wasn’t in any danger though. I was sitting on a towel behind the highest point of the moutians and watching the storm. It was beautiful and peace ful. After the storm had calmed down I somehow found myself being apart of an old Nickelodeon slime show with a woman I remember being apart of the show but don’t remember her name. Chuckie: I was with my sister cameryn in a house unknown and we had to kill chuckie before he killed us. Somewhat lucid. I remember saying in my dream that we needed to get it over with so I could have nice regular dreams. In the end we were so close to killing chuckie but he got away and left us a note that said that we don’t play with chuckie, chuckie plays with us.