Date: 6/14/2017

By druyan

ok so this dream took place in a fantasy world. I had a baby, who is actually my little sister, and I was escaping with her. I'm not sure where or who we were escaping from. we get confronted on the road by a group of sketchy guys and they heavily imply that they're going to assasinate the Moon King. I play along and two MASSIVE, rowdy travelling caravans approach. the moon and Sun king, two different kingdoms. they are travelling to some major important festival. Jason mamoa is the moon king, Chris pine is the sun king. they stop to make camp in that part of this beautiful forest. the assasin tells me it's time and as he approaches the Moon king, I strap my little sister to my back and do some crazy Martial arts to kick his ass before he can shoot an arrow made of sunshine at the moon king. the commotion draws the attention of both kings and their guards. we're both arrested, but 🌙 comes to my aid, saying he saw the whole thing and that I saved him. he invites me to travel with him. i say yes. he takes me to the SICK tree house they've built and before we go up, he introduces me to his pet lion. she's beautiful and a pale lavender. she was born without front claws, so I ask how he,plans on getting her up the tree. he laughs and we climb the tree. he keeps offering to carry me, but I can climb really well. we get to his quarters, easily 30 stories up. these trees are massive. there's a chain hooked up to the outer balcony and he wraps it around his hand and pulls. I look down and it's the lion in a cage on the attached to the chain. he's strong enough to pull her with one hand. I am so turned on tbh. he finally gets he up here and she's,like a giant housecat. I'm flirting so hard and eventually we bang. I wish I remembered more about that part.