Date: 9/9/2019

By besosjjk

going on a trip with gicel daniel brandi and beydi and nikki and cinthya???? we hit this desert like environment and cinthya says she wants to explore its a very steep cliff/mountain(?) of sand .. hyenas appear???? RABID HYENAS??? esbeydi decides to go down and im practically slipping??? last thing i see is esbeydi getting eaten(?) by the hyenas and then they come towards me and then i knockout??? i wake up and im outside of some hidden in the sand facility??? i open the door there and it’s an underground lab looking building i wander in and i see milan and then esbeydi AND HER MOM?? then i find MY MOM?????? i run and hug my mom with a lot of nostalgia and love .. then a whole bunch of white people decide to swarm the place..white normal people followed by an army of soldiers and a commander and trump himself??? then televisions appear and then the army decides to interview people from the facility which end up just being my mom esbeydi and esbeydis mom im terrified for my mom and then she comes out saying she has to continue doing 10 more tasks and then she’ll be let free??? then it ended