Date: 6/18/2019

By TechHausAngel

It seems so real, I’m laying in my bed like I usually do at night on the second floor on my home, my bedroom door open as usual. I have a room directly across from mine that’s just basically storage. The light in that room suddenly turns on and I see a shadow walking back and forth in the crack under the door. I hear a noise coming from downstairs so I get out of bed and walk to where the rail overlooking my stairs are thinking maybe my dogs got out of their kennel but I remember I had them sleeping outside. So I looked over the railing calling out to them but when there was no response I looked around the floor I was on and seen that all of the doors were opened. It was pitch black in all of the rooms. I look downstairs and see all of the doors visible are open too. I don’t feel scared, I just feel overwhelmed like I’ve experienced this before and am over it. I hear heavy breathing coming from the room that’s supposed to be across from my own bedroom but before I can really get into seeing what’s really there I’m always woken up by my alarm or by a noise outside my house.