The zip line

Date: 8/11/2017

By wanda1316

Mom and Alan were exciting to create a huge zip line coming down from a cliff. It was terrifying because the zip line was just a bar to hang on to. Alan went first and he carried his granddaughter at the same time. He also carried my dog in a sack. When he went it was fast and at the end it swank up unbelievable high. It was like a swing more than a zip line. I could hear his 5 year old granddaughter having a great time. They finally got off and my mom went, which shocked me because she's terrified of heights. So I was the only scaredy cat. I decided to walk off the cliff and get on the zip line halfway to the end. That was a good idea, even though it was still a little scary. But it wasn't too fast or too far off the ground. It started getting foggy and dark and I couldn't see ahead of me.