Almost Cool

Date: 2/18/2017

By nexus

it's your average I'm being chased by your close family member that is all demonized cliche turned into an almost awesome lucid dream sequence, so after what felt like 10 Minutes of torment I'm finally like...oh yeah I'm dreaming which is usually how it always happens, I never had a w.i.l.d before but besides that I try to make whatever was really chasing me disappear but all I could manage to do is morph it's face so it no longer looked like my mother, anyways after that I'm like well this scenario is boring now and than I try to leave this apartment building and do something else, but those weird people were still chasing me and I got fed up and started fighting them and you already know how that goes lol its like everyone who is bad in your dream has infinite health and act like none of your attacks injure them at the slightest but I some how broke through even that reoccurring problem and I hit him so hard that they were done for and than to make sure I through them down a flight of stairs but the excitement and adrenaline from a fight had woke me up and just in the nick of time to cuz my parents made waffles lol.