Creppy dream

Date: 4/4/2019

By stev54356

Okay so I don’t know what these kids were but they were freaking and could kill you if they wanted I went to like a play house with a lot of inflated stuff like bungee castles I don’t know what there called but you know what I mean and what I remember is going on to one of them with some buddies having fun then these people took one person so you know they were bad after having a stand off with the people in there we managed to get out and those people kept stalking us from the inflated thing they were in. They were like the people from us strong for no reason and these people didn’t talk. Then my dreamed switch to a old house clearly had a horror setting I was in the basement and I had a pistol and shotgun I walk into a room and hear some creepy shit so I had behind a drawer with a ladder beside it and next thing I know some Asian lady like off the ring comes out and tries to attack me and we’ll since I got a gun I actually first I punched her then I shot her I found a normal human and we went to the weird balcony and next thing you know all these creepy dudes are around the house just walking around on some the walking dead shit. I don’t know why but somehow we got down to the street and I started having a shootout and then I woke up