Date: 8/14/2017

By ace200

I vaguely remember being forced to stay in this room because there was something wrong with me but I was also with Luke, Taydem, Caitlyn, and Ashlee. I think we escaped, but then we're collecting stickers from my mom in a mall, but she was evil? Then I was running from Caitlyn's mom in her office? But then I was with the same people on a hill as the sun was setting and prom was coming up. We saw all the nerds from another school going, without any dates, and cheered them on. I knew this boy wanted to ask me, but avoided him. When we were alone, I asked Luke to go with me as a friend and he said sure. I got a long black dress with a gold beaded pattern on the side, with short sleeves. I also got a dark blue corsage. After prom, Luke turned into the boy who wanted to ask me in the first place and we were in this outdoor canopy thing filled with lights hidden in white curtains so it was like a fairy land. I sat on his lap and then we were dancing and I asked him out this time.