Reality tv

Date: 3/27/2017

By tiptipkitten

I dream I was in a reality tv show. My brother Luke was there and so was my dad, though they weren't in it. There was a bunch of other kids and first thing they did was set us loose inside a mansion and told us it's lights out soon. I walked around for a while and made a new friend with a joke when I walked in the room I wanted to sleep in. The room was nothing special, just a bed, a rug, a dresser and a closet with a glass door. I told my friend that they could have the bed and I'll go sleep on the floor in the closet. She objected and said she would also sleep in the closet. I was find with that so I went to the bed to grab the pillow and the blanket and I remembered the pillow I usually sleep with. "I wish I'd known that we'd be sleeping here I would have brought my pillow pet" I muttered sadly. My friend didn't hear me so I walked back to the closet and found her there with a panda pillow pet. I could tell it wasn't mine because it was a lot more fluffed up. "Lucky!" I yelled then ran over to it and touched its face. She smiled "yeah, but we have a bigger problem" she sighed and pointed to what looks like a broken top hat. She went on to tell me that belong to one of the girls we met before and just just anyone the super angry one that looked like bell from beauty and the beast. "Aw man, we got to fix this" I ran over to it and stared trying to put the pieces together. She joined me and for about ten minutes we sat there trying to fix this hat. Eventually the person narrating the tv show popped up. He looked and me and said "instead of making more messes just clean it up" mad at him I wanted to reply that we are cleaning it up but instead he pulled out his phone and proceeded to call 'Bell' and tell her about this. Soon most of the other kids came to see this. I don't remember much but 'Bell' looked at me and caused some kind of explosion and we ended up outside the house completely unharmed. I looked around and saw the other kids there to. "Ok campers" the narrator said. "Today were going to another house, and this time no relatives that aren't in the program can stay" he warned. I quickly looked around and say my brother and my dad standing by our van. I was walking over to them to say goodby and ended up walking on train tracks. A couple of the kids yelled at me to get off and I looked up and saw a simi truck coming towards me. Embarrassing that I did that I walked quickly off then went around the tracks and to them. I hugged my dad then my brother and said goodbye, my brother wished me luck and my dad nodded. "Ten days without any family members, heh. I really am a hermit to hate it this much" I laughed forcefully then walked back to the other campers. Memory loss I cut to a scene where 'Bell' was lying on the floor of the closet. Her limbs and eye balls weren't completely attached except they were connected by wires that were slowly pulling them closer and eventually reattaching. "You won't get rid of me that easily" she said slowly. Memory loss, something happens to release the zombie apocalypse and then I woke up.