Moving out of state

Date: 3/24/2019

By pinkstar16121

It started out where I was watching a movie or something. I can't really remember much of that and also I wanted to get together with my old friend from high school and apparently in the dream I'd seen her like a week prior and she wanted to get together with her other friend who she hadn't seen in a while and I figured that was fair and wasn't too upset about it. The next part was more vivid. My mom and I were moving out of state to a state next door to our home state and we were looking at houses. I remember telling my dad and he asked me if my mom needed any money??? Anyway then we went to a house and at first I didn't realize we were at an open house and we were in the yard and we saw this little girl running in the yard and when we went inside for the open house and I realized where we were, I realized she was the daughter of the couple who was showing us the house. I feel like we had gone to see two houses in the dream and that we were offered different food at each house but I remember being offered donuts and I thought about taking them but I said no thank you after thinking that I'd already eaten a lot of sugar. It was the same thought I'd had in my waking life yesterday when I realized we had a ton of dessert in our house. Then we were offered I think at the next house where the family was kinda wealthier, this bread and marinara dipping sauce and inside the container of marinara, there was a ceramic bowl of this special dipping sauce that was like alfredo sauce but it was like really expensive or a delicacy and my mom said I should only have like one taste and that's it, that I shouldn't be eating it all. I didn't at first but I was dying to know what it tasted like so I took the tiniest dip with the bread and it was really creamy and delicious. Then we went and checked out the rest of the house. There were two rooms with TVs, one that was actually like a TV room and then the living room. I remember the TV in the TV room was on this slanted shelf so it was like leaning back. I thought it was cool that there were so many rooms and it was definitely bigger than our house. I was afraid we'd get lost in the house and I was thinking this after I went to find my mom who had gone to see the bedrooms. I found her in this feminine, girly bedroom and I was immediately like "oh this is my room." I remember feeling a temperature increase when I entered the room and it was really bright. I liked the room but then I was talking about how the house was so big and how it was a long way for me to go from watching TV to then go to bed. Then I woke up to a Facebook message from my mom of our state senator talking about how taxes are cheaper in that very state I was dreaming about.