This dream was so weird i had to start using this app again

Date: 3/11/2019

By chyk56

btvs cold open-- scoovie gang is talking and laughing, a woman runs up to cordelia and surprisingly, takes out a knife and stabs her on the stomach. somehow it's all on film and I try to break into wsum to watch it. I'm crying and shaking so eventually they let me watch he vid. it's another buffy episode. I'm buffy. for some reason, we are going thru and re living all the episodes. we enter this one and wkllow says "buffy this never happened" and dissapeared. must be a new demon trying to change my memory. there are children 30 ft up in trees for fun and I'm scared for their safety. I think one falls and gets hurt. idek how they get up there. there is a girl that was kidnapped in one of these last two events. I think the stabbing. she has been held captive by dangerous people for the last month.somehow all her guards are gone rn and what's left is Nate. he doesn't know she's in there but we can't let him know for some reason. Addi and I plan to get her out. Dad thinks we are planning to smoke weed in his car? and I'm like no, your house and he's like "I'm prepared" and also made fun of me for not having unlimited data. our plan is to distract Nate, so addi can go in and get her out of his room. it's nates b'day so we call him over and give him rainbow cake Nana made and all out extended family is in the Schaefer house. Addi goes out the front door and a I do my best to distract. a little later I look over and see the girl. I hug her. she's thin but ok. I ask what she wants to eat. she says sausage. her friend is gonna pick her up and take her to somewhere safe so we are waiting outside. an altercatiom starts at the neighbors across the street. it gets rouwdy so we duck and cover. this man fires a warning shot, then a shot into this little boy. then there are all these other little boys sitting on the floor, it's a shooting contest but it isn'tsad. they ask who should be judge next and some semi famous boy is chosen