Sleep Paralysis/Marines/Medium

Date: 3/10/2019

By destinixxi

I had sleep paralysis and I heard Kira and Brenda in their room. I was on a cruise ship. I joined the marines and we were doing drills. After the drills we were about to jump off the ship. There was some guy behind me who raped me. He was taunting me before I was gonna jump. I went to another part of the cruise ship and a girl wanted me to tell her about her mother that passed away. I saw a painting of her mother and I instantly knew everything. The painting was of the mother and a baby. Her mother was a black woman from France with her hair in a bun and a blue gown(Maybe it was me?). She drowned, however the baby survived. The girl was taking care of the baby girl. The baby was wearing a pink onesie and she was so happy and cute.