Golf competition

Date: 8/8/2017

By tiafaithberger

So it was placed at the golf course at first and everyone on the golf team was there but I could only really see Timmie, Alexis, and Keeli. I said "what are we doing?" Cause the coach said it was time for the relays to being and then Timmie said "don't worry, they are always usually fun" which implied like she has done a couple of them and in the dream she was still the same age as me but has been doing golf longer. So we started them and it turned into a track and we were running and there were poles in the middle and Maddie was in first and I was in second and she was using the poles to help her body swing around on the curves and I used them once and they were like " Don't use the poles!" And I was like ok gosh in my mind and so long story short maddie beat me because she cheated and no one said anything about it. Then we went to this play ground and did other challenges and this naked toddler/baby boy always showed up somewhere and then we went back to the track but it had a swing set in the middle of it and people were swinging and the key was to not get hit by the people swinging and it was just me and this older teenage guy up against each other and I was winning but he was catching up to me and then we kept going around and around and I was getting tired and then I went the wrong was and people started laughing at me and the guy passed me and then said "I won!!!" And then I said "noooo!!" And then jumped on top of him and was like "no I won!" Then he was like no I passed you which means I won. And I was thinking 'just because you passed me means you win then how would I ever be able to win?' And then suddenly we were at another challenge and there were two slides and I was at one end and the teenage guy was at the other and then she said "go!" And we slide down and then it looped around and we szeezed passed each other and then the naked baby boy showed up right beside me and completely naked but I could see anything except him and his butt cheeks so that was good but he made me lose and I was so mad! But then my dream ended.