Why I fear the dark

Date: 6/9/2017

By pansexualpirate

(Before we start things off I collect things that a lot of people find stupid and that is a huge part of this dream.) So it was night time and I was going outside to collect things I turned on my porch light and for some reason my mum was at my house I walked outside with my flash light and then my mum almost shut the door I stopped her and asked what she was doing dropping my flashlight so that I could open the door more. "Your wasting air-conditioning" my mum said "the doors not staying open go collect for awhile or come back inside" I agreed to come inside when I realized I had to go grab my flashlight and then because why not it rolled off the porch I walked down the stairs and suddenly it was day I grabbed the flashlight and made my way back towards the house when I saw this really creepy guy I remember he had bad teeth and one or two of them were gold he whistled this really erie sad tune that chilled me to the bone I walked to my stairs faster but when I got them it got a lot harder to walk and it felt strange I was at the door and about to open it when the man grabbed me I tries to scream but no sound came out or at least not that I could hear and then I woke up