Leaky Ceiling

Date: 5/12/2017

By snsmith

I woke up early so I had time to chill before I had to head to work. I come upstairs after an hour or so to put on my uniform and I see Ariana standing in my room. She and I hug and she says how busy she's been but that she missed me. A water drop lands on my shoulder and I look up to see that water was leaking at the corner of my ceiling. Ariana says "your ceiling is leaking" and I just brush it off saying something like we're working on it. I rush out to the basement because it is almost time to go but I wanted to smoke a little bit of a blunt. I barely get two puffs in when I look at my fingers and see that majority of my nails were burnt off, as if I was holding the blunt for a long time. My parents are calling my name from upstairs and I run up to see Ariana look at me and I brush off the embarrassment I feel when my parents are yelling. I run back towards my room to see my parents and Ariana are gone, disappeared. The End.