Asking out a girl named Erica

Date: 7/10/2019

By thefluffghost

This girl was really pretty she had long curly hair and she was I think Mexican and white maybe she was really pretty it was night outside I was outside my house and me and her were just leaning up against the car and I said hey Erica she replied yes? I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a while I really kinda think your really pretty and I like you a lot. And she grabbed my hand and said me to. I said bye to her and my heart in the dream felt like it was gonna burst outta my chest it was weird. The dream switched to me texting a different girl she asked me out and i didn’t know what to say and I felt bad and didn’t wanna say no even tho I already said yes to this Erica girl. I don’t know the other girls name tho she had straight hair and big eyes and she looked pretty it was weird I could see her through my phone it was weird she was like behind it and I could see her texting me. Erica wanted me to go to a party and so did this other girl apparently it was the same party that they both wanted me to go to. I was waiting for Erica in front of the house that was throwing the party ( in the dream it seemed to be night always in this dream) then I saw this light coming up the street to me and I saw Erica and she was glowing she was wearing this weird green jacket with sunglasses hanging off it. I gave her a hug and we were getting ready to go into the house when we saw that other girl drive up with some super muscular guys in a white van so I grabbed Erica’s hand and ran into the back yard when I did there was pit bulls waiting for me and her we hopped the fence and we were behind the party houses fence and it was like a lake that we were sitting by and just staring at the stars the other girl texted me asking where I was and Erica saw and got mad thinking I was cheating on her I explained to her and she understanded and then we set out a blanket and laid on the ground together staring at the stars.