Homeparty angry neighbor and gym with christin

Date: 7/9/2017

By JoshSenpai

i was at a homeparty of a Chinese guy I didn't know. His house was pretty big and we played wii downstairs. I was with Clark and we smoked weed while we play super smash. It was a lot of fun but it got late and I wanted to go home. We told the Chinese guy that we're leaving and he was pretty upset about it. Then he asked who wants to play wii with him and smoke another J, I asked him if he would want to smoke a j with me before I left and he said no, then I said I could still stay for a hour since it's 2:15 and we could play wii and smoke weed and he said, just leave. When I came home I went to the living room and saw my dad on his laptop on the left side were the tv actually is? And he had my keyboard laYing on the floor in front of him. It looked like it was about 1pm. I went downstairs and noticed that my dad had a party downstairs since there was still food and things there. When I touched the food I noticed it was still warm. And I thought the party must've not been too long ago. I was outside my house somehow and driving a car. Somehow I managed to drive into the garage of our neighbor and instantly drove out again. The neighbor came out and got really angry. He shouted at us and told us that we have to pay this since some part of the floor got broken. I told him please don't make us do that, don't u remember me?? When I was a small kid I always went to your house and spent some time I was like a son to you, he cried and said YOU DONT EVEN KNOW MY NAME ANYMORE and I cried too, he shouted WHATS MY NAME? And somehow other people were suddenly here and they started saying his name and he shouted again WHATS MY NAME?? While crying. I couldn't answer and he was very upset. Jason Clark and i went to the gym with christin, when we were done we were on our way to the parking. I asked Christin if she could carry me and jumped on her back. Surprisingly she carried me pretty long and it didn't seem hard at all. Later I got off and told her goodbye because she went with a car as well. Before I got into the car I called shotgun, and had the honor to sit at the front seat. I had a hard time getting into the car since the car beside us was parked very near to us and there was a Asian woman in the car and she had her door slightly opened, wich gave me a a hard time getting into the car. I used a flyer to avoid giving the other car scratches with my door and when I got into the car I looked at the Asian woman and she looked at me and pointed at the scratches on her car. She said that it was my fault. When they slightly started driving I saw there was a really buff Asian dude in the backseat and he had his camera pointed at means he had a look on his face wich was like, I CAUGHT U U FUCKING LIAR!! I made hand gestures that it wasn't me and when we drove off I was worried the whole time. Lucid dreaming supplements make you remember a lot 😐