surgery gone wrong?

Date: 7/12/2017

By meowgali

i had a dream that I was in surgery and i was awake which was weird but basically there was a couple of machines that showed my vitals and everything. at one point, the machines started beeping like something was wrong. i looked up to see the surgeons getting a little scared. they said that the reason why things were complicating was because i ate before surgery which you aren't supposed to do. i remembered that i had ate a pesto panini before surgery. Dream #2: I was backstage of the Justin Bieber concert and there was a tv that showed he was there. There was a bowl of bath salts and flowers on my lap and i saw a video of this girl who had a really pretty face but she was covered in acne. she was rubbing the bath salt mixture on her face and it looked painful. justin came out from his room and seemed like he was crying. i asked him where i should put the bath salts (like where to rub it) and he was like your hands and hips?? i was so lost lolololol. Dream #3: I was sitting with mom on alexis' bed and I had been wearing this Mac lipstick that I haven't worn in years. I was talking to her and she was saying how she likes my lipstick a lot and that she wants it but it looks a little glossy. I told her that it wasn't glossy, and it wasn't matte. It was a very satin-like lipstick. Well anyway she ended up wanting it and that's all i remember. BUT WHATS WEIRD IS THAT THIS MORNING IN REAL LIFE I WAS BRUSHING MY TEETH AND MY MOM WAS LIKE HEY G, I REALLY LOVE THIS LIPSTICK I HAVE BEEN WANTING TO ASK YOU IF I COULD MAYBE HAVE IT AND IT WAS THE SAME MAC LIPSTICK FROM MY DREAM. AKSJAKAJJDDJSKKS.