Saw my friend at Sea World

Date: 3/19/2019

By Luke_V

I dreamt that I met my friend in sea world, except, it wasn’t actually sea world. It was some place with lots of lakes and ponds and water parks. Hotels and apartments surrounded the whole area, it was like a resort. In the middle of it all, there was the big turquoise lake. It was massive, and about 20ft deep. My family and I were driving around the lake going to our resort that we were staying in. I wanted to take a picture of the lake because it looked so beautiful, but the car was driving so fast that if I was to pull out my phone, my phone would literally fly away. All of a sudden, the car just ran into the big lake, I thought I was gonna die, but no. The car propelled itself foward, at such as fast paste that we was skiing over the lake, the car never sank into the lake. Eventually we reached to the other side of the lake by the resorts. The next day I went to one of the water parks. The water was very greenish and had mold and seaweed in it. I spotted one of my friends Jesse from school. I was shocked, I didn’t expect to meet another there. That’s all I can remember up to this dream.