All Hail Jigsaw

Date: 2/16/2017

By DragonSlayer

When I was younger I was obsessed and terrified with the Saw franchise. To the point I had a nightmare where Jigsaw, the villain, ruled an underground society taking in thousands of people for his games. At one point I was running for my life as strange machines slaughtered people left and right and met up with a group of escapees. I started fall behind as a ton of people jumped aboard this slow moving train. It started to pick up speed but when I jumped on it slowed way down and eventually stopped. I remember everyone looking confused and disgusted with me as one of jigsaws signature henchmen came into the alleyway and forced everyone off to return to their inevitable doom. And everyone just did it like their lives weren't at stake! My dream then shifted to where a gorilla told me as long as I didn't eat some plywood blocks I'd survive my test. So of course I ate them all and the gorilla flipped out and left in a huff. How rude.