Reliving The Past

Date: 2/17/2018

By caitlynm14117

My parents had just showed me this video of me when I was about four or five where I was singing with some famous person. Supposedly I’d just been in the audience and he’d pulled me up to sing a little with him. At first they said it was Johnny Cash. Later when I was researching everything, I discovered it was actually David Crosby who I’d been singing with. Anyway, I wanted to go back to the place just to see it. I think it was in Los Angeles, so we went there. On the drive to the place, I was really tired, so when we got there I took my blanket in with me because I was nodding off. We walk in and in the front are two rooms. We go into one because it has this famous actress inside, but I can’t remember what her name was in the dream. I sat down in a chair in her room and my parents talked to her a little, but they left to go to the sanctuary where the singing happened. I stayed in the chair for a minute, almost fully asleep. Then I got up and walked closer to the bed where the actress was. I tried to stop next to her, but I didn’t stop and ran into a wall. Then I took a step back and asked if I could leave my blanket in her room. She agreed. Then I walked into the sanctuary, but I couldn’t find my parents, so I sat in what I thought was the second row, but it was actually the front row. I look to see who’s singing, expecting to see David Crosby, but instead it’s Jerry Garcia and Frank Zappa’s wife. They were singing and kind of circling around the audience. Then I woke up.