Visit to the bfs house

Date: 8/13/2017

By headFeed

Im walking in a pretty field, i see that theres paper snowflakes wrapped around most trees in the field/park. im on the phone with robert and i tell him that im at the park. its my favorite place. im walking and i realize that its starting to snow even though its the middle of summer. i walk faster and the snow collects really fast on the ground. some lady who appears out of nowhere in the park throws a snowball at me. robert tells me not to worry.,i pass the park and now theres a lot of water and im approaching a wooden bridge. i tell robert that im almost there, im close to the first bride, out of 5 bridges that are back to back. As i walk across, other people are walking and they give me weird looks. i have a blanket with me so i put it over my head and cover myself up more. it feels like three blankets and im very warm. i walk across the last bridge which was the biggest, a helicopter flies by and i stand still to blend in with everyone else. its a helicopter im avoiding cause its chasing me. i keep going and theres alot of weird walkways where i have to climb. i wonder why theres a climbing part when i can just walk around and climb a shorter part, but the soil is so soft that the rock i grab just comes out with my weight. i do it anyway and i mess alot of things up. i keep going, the soil is really soft and theres alot of big rocks i have to walk on. im in a big open hill field now, its getting dark. im very close to his house. but the helicopter comes by. i try to find a dark place to hide but as im running i notice that a light is following me. the helicopter found me and is shining a light on me. i trip and im sitting on the ground, it gets lower and i see a gun thrown down, and on a megaphone someone says that i need to go in and do what i was told to do. i refuse so i just start to shoot at the people in the helicopter, then at the helicopter. it gets damaged badly and starts falling back. i dont know how to reload the gun, cause instead of pushing one button i actually have to do things. i try but its not in the right order. i keep holding it and run into the house. theres a hallway and the house itself which is just a room. its kind of like a hotel room with a kitchen. roberts parents are there, hes there, and for some reason his other friend is there. i dont mind it cause he must've invited her to introduce me. i lock the door and attempt to close a fabric blind so that the people following me cant peek inside and fine me, even though this is the destination for my mission that they should know?? i pull the fabric blind down but it doesnt work. i motion with my hands how do i close it? to roberts parents. they dont understand and i look over to robert and hes sleeping on the ground for some reason. i point at the blinds and ask again. they say "up, low?" i say low and then im just given knowledge in my head that its the string pulling one, not the one where you pull and it-locks into place like a classroom presentation board thing. robert is awake suddenly cause its almost dinner, i explain to him that these people chasing me want to take his parents away for government experiments. but now that theyre too hard to get, someone else has to be chosen. for some reason i hint that its me next, but its not. during this time that im explaining, his friend is like, all over him. in a way that i should be, kind of hugging him and leaning on him like i want to. i just kind of ignore her though and think of how the heck we can do things together in private if his house is just 1 room. i think that ill look up some hotels in the next town or something and use it as a love hotel someday during my visit. were given small bowls of somekind of watery yet solid food by his mom, i eat it and its really good, another bowl is served and its a tasty looking soup. i slurp it up and kind of wonder why noone cares cause im slurping and noone else is. something else happens later but i cant remember