Training videos

Date: 6/17/2017

By tezcatlipoca

This dream was very strange and I only remember part of it. I was working on a computer and I wanted to move some files, so I moved them to the desktop. they were like actual books that were lined up in the hollowed out front of an old CRT TV. I knew I wasn't supposed to be doing this, so I had to watch these two super creepy training videos about it. the videos were really grainy and when I watched the video it wasn't on anything like a TV screen, the videos were all I could see. They looked like someone did a close-up on an old CRT TV screen. The first video had two guys talking about moving the files and how people who had moved the files were missing or dead. The second video just had one guy in it, he was a minor character from 30 rock and I don't remember his name. He was chubby and sprawled out in a suggestive manor that grossed me out. His message was don't move the files, but it just seemed creepy. I was confused by the video and I knew he was working at a home depot selling cable TV, so I went to the home depot. It was tiny. there was a customer service area that was filled up with lines of unhappy people. He was there and was really pissed I had come to ask him about the video at his "real" job and he wouldn't talk to me.