Ghost Town

Date: 8/1/2017

By 1sana123

In this dream,I am back to school. After school I ran back to my home .I am in search of my Apartment .But it seems like my home is very far .i found 2 or 3 grounds on which there are names written on it .one of the name was ANGEL. i am searching my home .it seems like i cant find it.Finally i can see 3 blue doors which are closed ..and i reached my childhood home which is now lavishly renuvated . But ,I seem struck ...there are so many people ,everyone is sad ..DID SOME ONE DIE? .. Yeah, Its funeral and my dad attending it .My brothers are looking at me I am the elder of all siblings. Its like I am in my past and i just cant be there .I am grieving like a little girl i want to go back to my home . People carring funeral are looking at me .I am hiding my past is full of people like tragic ghost .