Dark Meanderings

Date: 3/22/2017

By Fitful

I was in a huge shopping complex, one big room, as if Walmart were Costco only three times larger. And it was very similar to Walmart. I went shopping for groceries for the month. I had figured out to that there was a cycle to the month, it cycled from dark/evil to good. I had to plan my meals accordingly. I got side tracked from shopping, however, by the barbie dolls. I found a whole little set up of dolls and stood and played with the display for a while. I made them have sex with one another, even talking for them or narrating the play like children do. I think I had a crush on a Ken doll, or a barbie did. She kept after him until he was pushed down into the display and only his hips could be seen through the floor. ----- I was underground, this was a very religious scene. I was religious. Or I was witnessing the religion and buying into it, I felt moved and it was like thunder through me, my belief reved up by the crowd. However I also was aware I wasn't really religious at all. This is what I thought was wrong with religion, that in the moment it could convince you of its veracity. There was a train, which it was coming on the train tracks, as if headed straight for us, but it was just a hologram of a show which they were putting on. Like their religious stuff. The crowd ate up the train trick tho. There was a concert, it was inside a fence. It invited anyone to come and sing with them if they had talent and a thing to sing. That they could win something. I encouraged a young girl, she had a wheat colored bob and wore denim overalls. She might have been 12. I encouraged her to go and sing. She didn't trust she was very good. I did and urged her to go. She opened the fence and went it. She was a smash hit. ------ I was a vampire I think. I was a woman in a white dress with long stringy black hair. I bit into a forearm, I felt the bite as if I were the recipient of it, and I pulled blood into my mouth. I then leaned back to lie on a flat surface. My perspective changed to view my body from above it. After swallowing the blood I burst, and my body collapsed into a few solid different objects. I thought perhaps they were packaged foodstuffs because of the shapes, but they could have been anything. The were about 50 of them tho, varying sizes. The blood had turned me into things to be consumed. Either food or product. ----- There was an image of a woman, about to leave she had her coat and keys. She was in an underground place, and suddenly behind her flashed a man. The woman froze when he appeared but purposefully didn't turn to look at him so we got the woman facing "downstage" and behind her the man. He was as if tied up and hung upside down, drowned perhaps, but the image of him was upside down, so he hung in the background right side up, but still hanging on a rope, frozen, wet and dripping. His skin was wrinkles like an elephant due to his being submerged in water for so long. He said "Its freezing tonight." although he is mouth didn't move. ------ There was this repetitive image of pouring clear oil onto a surface. That surface may or may not have been hot. The pouring sound was very loud. It was repetitive and interrupted other dreams. --- There was the demand to know who was there, inside a girl named Krista. The girl was in an insane asylum, and the voice wasn't Krista who asked. But it did come from within her perspective. The room was empty, all I could see were dirty dank walls. I felt like the voice was talking to me and I wasn't supposed to be there. I felt weirded out because it was a voice inside her head.