Lily The Moody Friend, Me being Kirby?, Waking myself up

Date: 8/23/2017

By Serena

1: I was swimming and playing a call of duty game with grandma and this boy. then I met a friend named Lily then she said she had a boyfriend I changed into chase to date her she has a boyfriend so I tried to change into him Lily said "how could I ever trust you!" I erased that memory. 2: I was Kirby and I needed to use the restroom.. But I accidentally used the quarter that I promised to not use! I was banging the door for dear life with that hammer ability but I could not get the quarter out. I had to accept the fact I had to go to the bathroom before I peed myself. 3: I had an iPhone and asked it to 'wake me up' Siri talked about the use of an alarm and I got electrocuted That was my wake up point