Zombie Apocalypse Kid and Traitor Haein

Date: 3/5/2019

By jBoetticher

Initially the dream was about forgetting to buy a pie for pie day, but that's boring. It was the zombie apocalypse or something similar. I was outside of the walls with Fiona, and we were looking around for scavengable material. Fiona shoots an arrow at something that moves, a kid. It hits him in the arm but he doesn't cry. We ask him what he's doing and he says that he is looking for a family because his dad died. So we offer to take him in, but he said he needed to get his stuff first. He heads us towards a cave and wants us to jump around. I immediately think of the floor crumbling and a cavern killing us, so I grab on to Fiona before she falls through the floor. I tell Fiona to go back to the walls and then she goes. I walk out eventually too, not trusting the boy after he runs off. He returns with a group of people who trap and attack me. I don't remember how I escape, but for some reason I think that it was set up by an inside man. I think it's caused by either Capitao, Caveira, or Haein. Capitao isn't home and Caveira doesn't speak to me because she's her but Haein admits that she set me up. She asks if Fiona got mad and I say yes. She laughs and says good.