Trip to Japan

Date: 3/28/2017

By richilye

I was in Japan for a trip with my parents. We rented a small red car. My dad started driving us around. He drove through the sidewalk to get to the Highway , we started running out of gas, so we stopped at a gas station. I asked how were we gonna talk to the people there, then as we approached I heard some of staff speaking or language and also other languages as well. There was a Drive through (that is how it's written, right?) there, a girl was selling hamburgers , she was blond and chubby , the last car there was gone, we left the car and approached the girl. We talked a bit with her about the hamburgers , I saw she making them, she gave one to my dad to take a look, he bit it before paying. Then we bought one for each. The hamburgers were made of: hamburger,cheese, ham, and something else. Even mymom ate it, and she couldn't eat much meat or bread. It was the best Hamburger I ever ate in my life. Me and my mom went walking to our room. Meanwhile, we were checking the city, we went separated ways. I arrived at some sort of store, but people there only speak Japanese , I tried speaking for a bit, but no luck, only managed to say some things and besides that, I felt somewhat of a pressure onto me. I started going back to my hotel room, on the way I went through a mall, then a thought of telling my friend that I was in japan came to mind, I was gonna even take a picture as proof. Since I had to find a wi-fi spot, I was also looking for a place to take a picture of, I didn't find any of both. So I arrived at my room, it was small and red and at night it became blue. I thought about taking a picture on the window and uaing the hotel's wifi, end.