Stalkers and Tornados on the Beach

Date: 8/26/2017

By QuietQueen

Me, Mariah (sister) and Ally (friend) are at a bigger version of Dream Inn on Anna Maria Island, except it's way closer to the ocean than it is in reality. We're walking around the outside of the hotel at night and there are stalkers following us. I don't remember what they look like, but at this point in my dream we are 100% sure that they have the intent to kill us. We weave around the corridors trying to dodge these guys. I can't remember if we made it inside our room or not. Then suddenly there is a heavy storm tornado touching the ground, growing wider and stronger by the second. All three of us try to run to safety, and as I follow Mariah, the tornado switched directions and ended up being in my path. As I see Mariah and Ally escape to safety, I am swept up by the tornado.