The Dragons Awaken 🐉

Date: 3/28/2017

By Io

I dreamt that I was flying over to the countryside for a holiday with my family. When I got there, we went to check in at a hotel to place all our stuff down. I went to explore the vicinity with my siblings, and as we wandered along we came across a small cave with rusty bars blocking the entrance. There was also a small pool of water up front. The walls of the cave were grimy, and further inside was just pitch darkness. Suddenly, a gigantic tentacle shot out and grabbed my sister by the hair. She screamed and I tried to pry her away from it. Somehow I managed to do it, then it became me who was dragged away into the cave instead. Suddenly, my POV switched to one of my siblings, and together we tried to find a way to get "me" back. As we were inspecting the outer walls of the cave, we encountered two lifts. Our parents came and greeted us and said we should go bathe soon. So we pressed the elevator button and waited. There was honestly something peculiar about the elevators. One of it went to only 4 levels: 1,3,8 and 10. The other went to all levels, but kept switching between 8 and 10. At that time, I thought maybe the monster in the cave had something to do with it, since the lift was built into the wall of the cave. Then, the lift door open, and my parents walked in without a care. All the way up I was terrified that the monster would mess up the lift mechanism and make us plunge down or something. Anyway, we got back to our hotel rooms safely and we started cleaning up. Just then, I switched back to myself. ((I was back outside the cave)) I had no idea how I escaped, but I didnt really give any thought about it. I took the lift up to meet my family. Later on, I was walking over to my parents' hotel room when I spotted this fancy room door at the end of the corridor. A guy was trying to unlock it but apparently the lock mechanism wasn't so simple. Somehow I was roped in to find the 16 keys needed to unlock the door. I found 4 of the keys, and now I had to find the matching keyholes hidden at various places on the door. The guy kept saying how stupid I was because I couldn't match the keyholes properly. I got pissed after a while and tossed the keys aside. Suddenly the building shook, and I could see debris falling. The guy in front of me instantly panicked. He said something like "the dragons are waking up in the forests!" and soon I found myself running with him and my family to an abandoned old building near the hotel. We began racing up the steps towards the entrance of the building, which the guy claimed was the last safe place from the dragons. I didn't trust him at all because the building looked like it was about to collapse at any moment, and it was just next to the forest the dragons were supposedly sleeping in. As we got to the top, there was a huge stone plaque that stood in front of the door. The guy hurriedly scrolled to the bottom of the plaque (I didn't even bother questioning why it suddenly became touch screen) and there was an expiry date! It was pretty funny, but the guy was like we are all screwed we cannot stay in this building any longer. Then we could see black dragons flying towards us, so we made a run for it. I woke up soon after that.